New Dewey Decimal posters for the library!

So fancy!

These are so pretty! Do want!

We love these - and we’re so inspired by them! 

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Favorite lines of The Doctor [1/3]
Doctor Who 8.04 “Listen” 

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Mean Mario [video]


Mean Mario [video]

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Distressing words assemble into deadly weapons in this PSA

Adolescent delinquency is directly linked to verbal child abuse. That’s why the Center for Psychological Research in Shenyang, China, made this PSA to raise awareness about this problem, transforming distressing words into deadly weapons.


The National Book Awards’ fiction longlist includes Richard Powers, who won the award in 2006; Mountain Goats vocalist John Darnielle, who was on Fresh Air yesterday; and Molly Antopol and Phil Klay, who were both nominated for their debut story collections. Although a few of the nominees were expected — Anthony Doerr’s novel All the Light We Cannot See is one of the year’s breakaway hits, and Marilynne Robinson is a living legend — the list as a whole is varied and features a handful of underappreciated or relatively new writers.

The shortlist will be announced Oct. 15, and the winners on Nov. 19. The full longlist is here.

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Top 10 Secret Features of iOS 8

Wondering what apps are really draining your iPhone’s battery life? Now you can finally get to the bottom of it. Head into Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage to view all the apps sucking up your battery.

How to Fix iOS 8’s Biggest Annoyances

Not every annoyance in iOS 8 is fixable. The new Tips app is pretty obnoxious to most of us, but there’s no way to delete it, and there’s no solid way to make quick replies really work properly with Alerts. Still, at least this fixes the worst of the issues.


The Maze Runner movie is coming out tomorrow! Check out some of these books if you like the trilogy and the movie has you psyched.

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Based on his experiences as a POW during the Allied bombing of Dresden in 1945, Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five is (rightfully) considered a modern literary masterpiece. It propelled Vonnegut, who had been largely ignored and classified as a sci-fi paperback writer, to fame and literary acclaim.

The novel follows Billy Pilgrim, a man who has become “unstuck in time,” and weaves together different periods of his life—his time as a hapless soldier, his post-war optometry career, and a foray in an alien zoo where he served as an exhibit—with humor and profundity. “The dominant theme of what I have written during the past forty-five years or so,” Vonnegut wrote in 1994, “is the inhumanity of many of man’s inventions to man.”

Here are 15 things you may not have known about this 1969 classic…